Red and Yellow Roses Basket and Teddy with chocolate
Exquisite combo

Elements: 24 Red and Yellow Basket With ferrero Rochers and Teddy.

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Red Roses Bunch with Vase +1 white teddy +16 pcs ferrero rochers
Charming Combo

Elements: 12 Red Roses With Vase With Teddy and Chocolates.

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Valentine Delight ll
Mixed Surprise

Elements: Mix Flowers Arrangements with teddy and Chocolates.

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Red and white roses- teddy - ferrero rochers box
Red and White Magic

Elements: Bouquet of 12 Red and White Roses With Teddy and Ferrero Rochers Box.

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Red Roses-Chocolates Teddy
Romance infinite

Elements: 12 Red Roses With Teddy and Chocolates.

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Roses bunch with teddy and chocolates
Rosy Romance

Elements:Bouquet of 24 Orange and White Roses With Teddy and box of Ferrero Rochers.

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Orchid with Chocolates and Teddy
Simply Perfect

Elements: 10 Blue Orchid Stick With Teddy and Chocolates.

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Carnation Arrangement with teddy chocolate box
Three’s Company

Elements: 12 Pink Carnation with Teddy and Ferrero Rochers Box

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Pink roses with ferrero rochers box and teddy
Unrivaled combo

Elements: 24 pink Rose Bunch With 16 Pcs Ferrero Rochers box With Teddy.

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yellow Roses basket-Chocolate Box With Teddy
Yellow enchantment

Elements: Basket of 24 Yellow Roses With Teddy and box of Ferrero Rochers

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Multi Colour Roses- Chocolate and teddy
You are Special

Elements: 12 Multi Colour Roses with 1 white teddy with 3 Dairy Milk Silk

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