At Delhi Flora, we value the significance of occasions and special celebrations. So that you never miss an occasion, we are always at your service with our substitution policy in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Flowers: We salute your initiative towards floral gifting, and hence, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your floral extravaganza never meets unexpected exigencies. Despite of seasonal constraints, our excellent florist will present to you the rarest of rare flowers to transform your floral fantasies into reality. However, in case of unavailability or other constraints, we would substitute the flowers with an upgraded variety, presented similar to the color and appearance to replicate your order. We strive to retain the “same look and feel,” guaranteeing the highest quality standards and creativity. Before substituting your order, we will always notify you regarding the same and it is only after your confirmation that we will proceed to provide you agnate quality and aesthetics.

Cakes: We understand how the sheer mention of a lip-smacking flavored cake tickles your tongue in temptation. Hence, we guarantee to deliver the same design and flavor of cakes as ordered by you. However, due to unavoidable circumstances or regional constraints, we reserve the right to substitute the same by a cake of another flavor depending on availability. When harsh weather constraints or non-availability factors arise, we guarantee to substitute the order by the best possible and finest option available.  In such cases, we will inform you about the substitution prior to delivery, making sure that there is no full stop to your way to celebrate special occasions.

We guarantee, as per our substitution policy, that all orders are duly fulfilled to the value in situation if the item is not available. We make sure that the design, color, size, shape and other aesthetic factors of the floral arrangement or cakes remains unchanged. Hence, we provide assiduous efforts in replacing the orders with the one that delightfully meets or even exceeds your expectations. We recommend our customers to read our terms and conditions, and substitution policy thoroughly to develop mutually beneficial relationships and avoid last minute inconveniences.